Our Mission: To be the best educators and advisors in Thailand and help students

  • succeed in high school
  • get into the best colleges
  • become leaders in society

YPrep Academy’s goal is to become the premier center for academic resources. The company was originally founded on the premise of providing a better way to prep for the SAT. However, our goals have now broadened to include educating Thai students in a spirit very similar to a liberal arts education. We don’t just want to train students for standardized tests. We want to educate them to be leaders and contribute to society as alumni of YPrep Academy.

We are test-prep instructors. Our SAT program is the featured part of YPrep Academy. Our collective team has spent many years working for various test-prep companies like The Princeton Review, Higher Learning Solutions, and others. Our experience teaching and writing test questions has made us the authority on the SAT. This knowledge has been packaged as part of the YPrep SAT Methodology, which has helped many students score high scores on the SAT.

We are college experts. The founders of YPrep Academy both graduated from Yale University while gaining admissions to numerous other universities including Harvard, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, and many others. We’re familiar with most universities in the U.S. and we can help students find a college that has the right fit for them. YPrep Advisors can help students prepare for the long journey into college from the moment they start high school, to the day students fly off to attend college.

We are educators. At our core, YPrep Academy is an organization of nerds. We love exploring new subjects and seeing how they fit into the world. We completely believe that the more you learn, the more you grow. Thus, YPrep Academy wants to be the number 1 academic resource for students. Whether it’s helping with calculus, English, or even explaining the limits of Quantum Mechanics, we want students to see us as educators and coaches who can guide them on a journey of becoming a lifelong scholar.