Aaron Tan

I really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of every lesson. I learned so much yet at the same time enjoyed myself. YPrep stands out because unlike other tutoring organizations, their teaching methods are fun and dynamic.

Aaron Tan Class of 2015 - International School Bangkok
Aim Samanthai

The instructors there are quite knowledgeable and the location is convenient. YPrep's office is at Launchpad, which is a very pretty space.

Aim Samanthai Class of 2015 - International School Bangkok
Tat Vesvarute

I've learnt a lot from this lomg (long) course (SAT), and felt that it has improved my efficiency when doing the paper. Needless to say, Lom is the BOMB!!!

Tat Vesvarute Class of 2016 - Shrewsbury International School
Val Tananivit

The tips were really good. There were so many different styles of solving questions that I didn't know about before. YPrep offers a variety of testing techniques that helped me get the score I wanted on the SAT.

Val Tananivit Class of 2015 - International School Bangkok
Chalay Chalermkraivuth

The informality of the atmosphere made me feel comfortable straight away. Lom was at once a friend and a tutor, and an awesome tutor at that. He knows exactly what he's doing and I'm genuinely grateful.

Chalay Chalermkraivuth Class of 2016 - Shrewsbury International School
Mighty Tanadumrongsak

YPrep is great! The tutors there are very good and it's a relaxed atmosphere.

Mighty Tanadumrongsak Class of 2015 - International School Bangkok
Adit Mangharam

Without any prior courses, the winter break SAT YPrep course I took was sufficient enough help for me to achieve above 2000 on my first attempt. The environment was very relaxed and I was able to learn a lot from the instructor at the same time.

Adit Mangharam Class of 2016 - International School Bangkok
Sukhavaj Rasmidatta

I feel the YPrep course is really effective and worth the money. The course gave me so many techniques and tips that I can definitely use on the SAT. The environment is very relaxed and comfortable and the instructors truly know what they are doing.

Sukhavaj Rasmidatta Class of 2016 - Bangkok Patana School
Phafai Vachirabanchong

Before I took the SAT course with P'Lita at YPrep I didn't have any tricks on how to do the test and I usually ran out of time in each section. She taught me so many useful tactics on how to do the test. I managed my time better and better throughout the course. I think if I keep practicing, using her tricks, and memorizing more vocabulary, I could raise my score up higher.

Phafai Vachirabanchong Class of 2016 - Mahidol University International Demonstration School
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Dew Maskati

YPrep classes strike the perfect balance between a relaxed atmosphere and focused study. A huge thank you to Lom and his team - I definitely felt prepped and prepared for my SATs.

Dew Maskati Class of 2016 - Shrewsbury International School
Junior Watanasiri

I really enjoyed YPrep's SAT course. I never knew I was capable of achieving my current SAT score. Throughout the course, Lom identified my weaknesses and taught me SAT-taking techniques that I later used in my exam last November.

Junior Watanasiri Class of 2015 - Cheshire Academy
Om Samanthai

Before I had enrolled in the YPrep program, the SAT had always seemed like such a daunting task to me. However, with their exceptional teaching methods and a friendly environment, I learned a lot in a short amount of time. This program has been a godsend making my student life much less stressful knowing that my hard work would yield strong results. Thank you YPrep!

Om Samanthai Class of 2018 - International School Bangkok