We Are College Experts

Here at YPrep, we’re pretty good at helping students prepare for standardized tests. However, we’re well aware that the end goal is to get into a good university, whether it’s here in Thailand, the United States, or England (we somewhat have an idea about La Sorbonne in Paris but for the most part, we focus on these three locations). In terms of experience, there’s no better pool of expertise than at YPrep Academy. Lom and Tan both went to Yale while Lom furthered his studies at UCSD and Tan got his MBA at Sasin here in Bangkok. Lita got her Bachelor’s at Brandeis in the U.S. and her Master’s at Oxford in England. Collectively, they have gotten into schools such as Harvard, University of Chicago, Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, and numerous others. As you can see, we’re not exaggerating when we say we know the college admissions process.

Embracing an Ethical Practice Here in Thailand

When Lom and Tan first started YPrep, it was in the shadow of recent scandals in Thailand in which so-called “college advisors” made up fake resume items or ghostwrote admissions essays for students. We’re here to tell you now that this does not align with the spirt of YPrep Academy. If you’re looking for the easy and completely unethical way towards college admissions, you’ll have to go to another place. We don’t believe in that. By participating in such endeavors, students have ruined the integrity of the college admissions process. Even worse, hard-working Thai students suffer because colleges around the world no longer have faith in Thai students.

However, just because we don’t write your essays for you does not mean you should go into the college admissions process with a lack of knowledge. We designed the College Application Essay (CAE) workshop for just that purpose. The CAE workshop is a 12-hour course that will guide you through the admissions process and show you the overall picture. Even though it’s called “College Application Essay,” the workshop is about more than that. We talk about the admissions process and about college majors. We explain why it’s important to find a college that fits you and not just go for rankings. Overall, you’ll come out of it with a better sense of where you’re going.

The CAE course is seasonal so be sure to check our website to see when the next course will run. Along with a better knowledge of the admissions process, you’ll get YPrep’s book on the College Admissions process and will have a finished Common App essay at the end of the workshop.