YPrep Academy’s classroom course provides the best value for students looking to be best prepared for the SAT. Our courses provide 30 hours of classroom instruction split over 10 three-hour classes, along with 2 full-length practice tests.

YPrep’s classroom course is ฿30,000 for over 38 hours of SAT preparation. Classroom courses occur during set times throughout the year, so be on the lookout for a course that fits your schedule.

Below is a sample classroom course schedule.

SAMPLE SAT Classroom Course

Class Day Time
Test 1 Saturday 9am-1:30pm
Class 1 Sunday 10am-1pm
Class 2 Saturday 10am-1pm
Class 3 Sunday 10am-1pm
Class 4 Saturday 10am-1pm
Class 5 Sunday 10am-1pm
Test 2 Saturday 9am-1:30pm
Class 6 Sunday 10am-1pm
Class 7 Saturday 10am-1pm
Class 8 Sunday 10am-1pm
Class 9 Saturday 10am-1pm
Class 10 Sunday 10am-1pm