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Tutoring works! That’s the plain and simple truth. While our courses are quite effective, nothing beats the advantage given by one-on-one tutoring.

Our tutoring program provides the best flexibility for students. For example, let’s say a student is planning a vacation during the holidays or he’s not sure if he can commit to a classroom course due to worries about schoolwork. Opting for the tutoring program would be the best option. We can work with students to schedule an SAT curriculum around them. If they need to take off for a week in December for a vacation, it would be no problem to pause tutoring for that week. If schoolwork becomes too much, students can always slow down the meeting frequency or ramp it up if students somehow found extra time. We will always work with students to try to make it as convenient as possible for them.

Even better is that tutoring hours can be used for anything. Once you pay for them, they’re yours to use as you wish. Our only rule is in regards to scheduling. Once we settle on a schedule,  you may change it, but it MUST be done 24 hours in advanced. If not,  you forfeit in hour. The same is also on our end. If we have to reschedule with less than 24 hours before class time, we will give you an additional hour.

Our tutoring program is priced at ฿3000 per hour.

We provide a tier discount program for customers buying hours in bulk of 12. These hours can be used for any types of tutoring. Remember, the tutoring program provides the ultimate flexibility as we can schedule meetings around the student. For the best SAT preparation, we recommend the 24-hours package.

Standard Tutoring Rates

Hours Full Price % Discount Baht Total
1 3,000 3,000
5 15,000 15,000
12 36,000 5% 34,200
24 72,000 10% 64,800
36 108,000 15% 91,800